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 Minipack Profile Infill Set S02A0310

Consist Of Front & Side Infill Blade Supprt

FM050112 & FM050112

Our Part Number GP00051

Check Your Operators / Part Manual For Fitment

Fits For Example FM76N FM76NA FM76SC FM76SCA Modular-50 FM76-Digit FM76A-Digit Etc

Often Called Sealing Infills, Blade Holders, Sealing Beds Etc

They are made from Silicone Glass and often names such as Thermalite & PGM are used when searching for them

They are not cheap which is dictated by the material used with its high temp rating and the difficult slot to machine ito them

It is important with these machines to have the sealing system in good operational condition, the blade should fit snug into the slot with about 1mm protruding, the slot should not be worn so the blade ca lay over to its side, nor should the slot be worn so the blade drops to low

If the "Sealing Infills" are in poor condition you will have varied problems possibly including, poor seal resulting in splitting or whisping seams, not cutting cleanly, bursting seems or burning to the seal area

Sealing systems should be cleaned using one of our specially made wire brushes and should be lubricated with our formulated sealing silicone gel both available from this shop



Minipack Profile Infill Set S02A0310 FM76sc FM76 Digit Etc

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